Monday, 13 December 2010

Art Pottery Figures #3 - M S Binyon

Miss Mary Sims Binyon (1882 - 1976) Artist/Modeller. She was the daughter of the architect and artist Brightwen Binyon and lived in Suffolk and in Bushey, Hertfordshire. He died in 1905 and is buried in Bushey churchyard.
Miss Binyon probably attended the Herkomer School of Art in Bushey and was also a pupil at the Bushey School of Painting between 1906 and 1916, training under Lucy Kemp-Welch. She exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1916. I can't trace whether her exhibited work was a painting or scultpture. Neither can I establish where she received pottery instruction.

I have owned 3 different models signed by this artist and all glazed in green.
  • A young girl kneeling to feed a lamb. It is a 14cm tall and glazed in a matt green and has an incised signature and pencil note of “No12” and a price of “24/- with stand”. I assume that these were produced for sale. Also seen in a paler green.
  • A bird of prey is 15cm tall and has a painted signature and decorated with a similar matt green glaze.
  • A Japanese lady dressed in a Kimono was 21.5cm tall and signed on the underside. Again glazed in green with black details.

I have also seen a large pottery cockerel by her, glazed in an oatmeal colour and a seated bull cast in bronze. Examples of the parrot and the girl with lamb are in the Bushey Museum collection.
Typical marks are incised or painted name.

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