Friday, 10 December 2010

Art Pottery Figures #2 - M Blyth

I have owned and seen about 6 or 7 art pottery figures signed "M Blyth", they have all been very well modelled and painted. The artist must have had the technical knowledge to fire quality ceramics as these are as good as some items produced by artists such as Stella R Crofts or Gewndoline Parnell.

Looking at the models they are all hollow cast, which suggests production from a mould with hand finishing and glazing.

But who are they ?? I have always refered to her, as the modelling of the children is for more sympathetic then perhaps a man would produce. Each is signed "M Blyth" incised either to the back of the base or underneath.
Here are 3 that I have remembered to photograph. They will enlarge if clicked on.

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