Thursday, 2 December 2010

S & E Collier - Silchester Ware

Brothers Samuel and Edwin Collier established a factory in Waterloo Road Reading c1861 to produce architectural ceramics, bricks and tiles. As their business expanded they moved in 1871 to Grovelands in the north east of Reading, with the company becoming Limited in 1901. Later they operated from various premises around Reading before ceasing trading. Various dates are recorded for there final closure from 1957 to 1967.

Art Pottery was produced from c1906 and marketed as Silchester Ware. A name taken from the nearby Roman town Calleva Atrebatum  or Silchester. This site was being excavated from 1890 until 1909. Many of the Silchester wares were based on ancient shapes including Roman and Medieval. 

The pottery was made using the local clays from the Reading beds giving a bright red terracotta body and were often glazed in either a bright translucent green or a heavy black lustrous glaze.


impressed "Silchester Ware " within an oval with S & E C arranged around it.

  • 1836  - Colliers open a pottery & Glass shop
  • c1861 - set up pottery at Waterloo Rd
  • 1870  - move to Grovelands
  • 1901  - become a limited company
  • c1900 - Excavations at Silchester
  • c1906 - Silchester Ware first produced
  • 1908  - they buy Poulton and Son
  • 1967  - cease trading

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