Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ludwig Lichtinger, Werkstätte für Zinngeräte 1878 - 1906

This one was new to me. When I saw this jug for sale at a reasonable price I knew I could sell it. But who made it, when and where ?

From the mark below I could easily established that Munich was the most likely location for it's maker, as the friar with the out stretched arms is the city emblem mascot. He is seen on lots of commemorative wares, especially on beer steins. But who were LL. Another trader solved this one for me; only finding out after I had sold it !!
Ludwig Lichtinger, Werkstätte fur Zinngeräte were a firm of pewterers based in Munich, Bavaria, germany. They were established c1878 and had ceased production by 1906, which must have been soon after this jug was made.

I still need some detail on this maker and designer ?? any help, please.
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