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André Beloborodoff (1886-1965)

 The continuing theme of printmaker continues with a Russian emigre artist living in Italy. Another work of art signed by the artist with 2 signatures and a monogram but incredibly time consuming to track down, not helped by the various ways his name can be spelt. Luckily once I had found out who he was then the information just kept on appearing and I am sure that there is much more to find.

Here we have very fine woodblock print by the Russian émigré artist André Iacovlevitch Beloborodoff (Andrei Beloborodov) (1886-1965). It is titled Rome and dated 14th December 1934. The artist has signed the print in pencil and with an AB monogram within the image and numbered the edition 3-20. In addition it is inscribed, dated and signed again on the backing card.

He was a Russian born artist working from the 1930’s in Italy. He was born in Tula in the Russian Empire and studied at the Imperial Academy of Fine Art in St Petersburg, completing his study in 1915.

Although he was awarded a scholarship, the “Grand Prix de Rome” WW1 and the revolution meant that he was unable to go. However, by 1919 he was able to “escape” travelling to Paris and finally to Rome in 1934. Within his papers there is a United Kingdom registration dated 1919, so I would assume that he spent some time here soon after leaving Russia.

He known to have exhibited at the 1930 “Art Russe” in Bruxelles and his work featured in such publications as "The Russian Art to Paris" and "Russia and the World Slav", which reproduced works of Russian artists that were working currently in France 1928-1931.  

He exhibited widely, including;
1923 - Exposition dans les Salons de M W Hirschmann, Paris.
1924 - Exposition dans Hotel Jean Charpentier, Paris.
1929 - Exposition d'oeuvres de Andre Beloborodoff, Hotel Jean Charpentier, Paris.
1934 - 
Andre Beloborodoff; architecte et peintre; Hotel Jean Charpentier, Paris.
1934 - Views of Rome and Italy; Exhibition at the Countess Pecci-Blunt, Rome.
1936 - Museum of Rome. The new monumental Rome (pictures of urban Mussolini)
1953 - Galleria San Marco
1954 - The Prussian Blue, Naples.

Documents from his paper indicate a friendship with the ballerina Anna Pavlova as during the period 1920-21 they exchanged correspondence and she was subject of several drawings by him.

His paintings rarely come on the market – here are a few that we have located.

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