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Bourne Denby - Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my continuing series on the art pottery and novelties made at the Bourne Denby pottery. Today I will concentrate on the stoneware novelty animals made from the mid 1920's until the 1950's.

Although a few novelties were made in the early 1900's like the pigs mentioned in the earlier posting, most of the animals and figures were not issued until the 1920's. In a 1908 advert novelty shoes and a frog also shown.

Generally these novelties didn't appear until c1928 and continued in production until 1940 when they were withdrawn during WW11. A more limited range of animals were realeased from captivity after the war with production gradually ending in the 1950's60's.
We are all familiar with the novelty rabbit who answers to the name Marmaduke. He came in 7 sizes from the very tiny 00 to the doorstop monster size 4 and a variety of colours. These include the familiar matt and shiny green and blue, shiny brown, pastel, orient and some rarer colours such as yellow, lime green and pink. Other odd colours do appear from time to time. To add to the confusion some were made as "cottontails" with hole instead of tails and used as cotton wool holders and they also appear as book ends and sitting on ashtrays.

The Denby rabbit is easily recognised and distinct from the Sylvac breed. The size one upwards are made from the usual buff coloured stoneware whilst the tinies are made from a white clay. Marking is often absent.

Other commonly seen animals are the Lambs, again in many sizes and some with cottontails. Beware !! some of the larger ones are scary with those hollow eyes.

There are several dogs models, Byngo the French Bulldog puppy, Dachhounds, Fox terrier, Scotties, Sammy the sitting up terrier, Fido the crying puppy, buttons, puppy in basket and more.

Zoo animals include; the Giraffe in several colours including this weird green, penguins, rhino, sealion, elephants and a bear. 

Birds on baskets, ducks a waddling, ducks swimming,  geese families, ducks flying, lambs leaping, are all to found. Cats, frogs, donkey, horses together with Elf on toadstools and Elf in toadstool. Watch out for the golf caddy and footballer which are scare. Also some novelty hotwater bottles can be found shaped as a hare, handbag or clock.

One of the most attractive items is the owl jug decorated in the electric blue glaze. It is very similar in form to those made by Farnham Pottery or at C H Brannam. Other items decorated with art glazes include many designed by Donald Gilbert such as; Elephant, Pelican, Fish, Love birds and Terrier bookends. The "Garden Pottery" range for the outside included running geese and bird water bowls, fish, penguins, ducks, frogs and squirrel.

Other designer include Alice Teichtner and Albert Colledge.

There are many more out there and endless variations in sizes, glazes, marked, unmarked, sitting on things, as lamps, bookends, ashtrays and on bowls. Keep looking you will be surprised what is out there and the good news for collectors that currently they are good value for money !!

This is a scarce model - this was made as a container for "Velray" bath salts.

Check out the books on Denby and other specialist websites to find rarities.
Bourne at Denby: Retrospections 
Denby Stonewares: A Collector's Guide


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