Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Vala Moro - Artist Dancer

A friend recently bought a sweet little original etching by an artist Vala Moro of demure nude seemingly all embarrassed to have lost all her clothes. But who is this artist? Even with some deep googling in languages I can't read , I still don't know any certain details. Here what there was;

Vala Moro created some truly beautifully etchings which epitomised the jazz age. Then they would have been referred to as The Erotic but today we called them Boudoir Art. Some of her images are more than a little risqué.

Little biographical information is known about her. We have a several references to her as a dancer working in Vienna c1927-31, as seen in the publicity photograph on the left. This was taken by an Austrian photographer working in Vienna and used on a series of cards published in 1933.

Artur Wolf Verlag of Vienna published a limited edition portfolio of original etchings titled “Tanz” or Dance in 1924. This contained 10 signed images of dancers. The edition size was 350 and now complete examples have considerable value.

I am going to ask the same question as everybody on the net ! more details please ?

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