Thursday, 5 May 2011

Celtic Design Brass Dish

A bit of a follow on from yesterdays posting. Yes; another unidentified Celtic or Scottish influence item of arts and crafts metal work. This one I bought years ago in about 2002 and have long since sold it and did not learn from the sale. I sold it on ebay and so did not have the face to face interaction with the buyer from whixh I might have had an answer to the "but what is it" question. So it is up to you the reader to help.

It was a small scale brass dish decorated with some repousse decoration of a central floral motif and 4 raised dot separated by chased celtic knots and with a punched background.

No visible signatures but a period price label on the back. This advises that it is a ??? Tray and cost 4/6, which would have been quite expensive.

Clues ? the printed "Mura, England" did not seem to lead anywhere.

My first reaction to this was the Iona Celtic Art of Alexander Ritchie and followers. I also considered the possibility that it was a Glasgow School of Art students piece ?

Any comments ?

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