Saturday, 7 May 2011

Curative Workshops Tooting

I am not sure what to make of this little bowl. I have owned 3 of these over the last say 20 years and did sell 2 of them. The purchasers bought more out of curiosity than through any knowledge. I still do not know when and why they were made.

These are crudely handmade from brass in two pieces and soldered together. They all had a copper plaque soldered on underneath stating; "Made by XS Men Curative Workshops Tooting". I have always assumed that this meant they were made by Ex- Servicemen and that this Tooting is one in south London but have never been able to find any references to this workshop.

When were these made ? They have the look of the trench art from WW1 and could be some form of occupational therapy for wounded servicemen or perhaps they employed the serviceman a bit like Ashtead Potters. There is a brief reference online "Curative workshops and employment at useful work in and about the .... Later, special hospitals were formed, one at Tooting for cases of nerve injury" being an passage from a book titled "Medical Services, Surgery of the War" published 1922.

They may of course be a lot later and date to WW11 period. 

Another antiques for everyone mystery. Does anyone know ??

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