Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Feathered Songsters

Sometime ago I purchased at auction a whole collection of original pen and ink art works that were the original used to illustrate children's story books from the 1920's. They must have come from the publishers archive at some point as they all related to book published in 1929 by the firm Renwick's of Otley and Fleet Street. They had fantastic titles such as "Our Boys Gift Book" "Our Boys Best of All" "Our Girls Bright Star" and "Our Girls Fairy Star"

A good percentage of the pictures were signed and most came with the original typed or handwritten manuscripts. As with commercial art many of the artists are now untraceable and others went on to illustrate greater or more memorable titles than these.

Today, I will share a sample with you which is an illustration by Dora Barks with it's accompanying a short rhyme by E J Barks.

Oh what a very dull place
The world would surely be
If there were no feathered songsters
To sing for you and me.

So, always feed the birds, please
When jack frost comes to stay
And the birds sing to thank you
In your garden - first spring day.

And who was Dora Barks ?
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