Saturday, 14 May 2011

Frederick or Charlotte Rhead - Vase

Today's mystery item to identify was absolutely stunning  and a Bootsale find !! Yes really and no it was not 50p. Considerable amounts of notes changed hand for this, but I just had to have it.

Disappointingly this was unmarked with no real clues to it's origins other than shape and decoration. The heavy tubelining would suggest a Rhead influence; perhaps not as fine as you would see on Moorcroft  or as clinical as Royal Doulton. I think the main clue is the shape. This is a classic Woods shape and is commonly seen decorated with the more common Frederick Rhead patterns such as Trellis or Amstel.

The underside is unmarked, so no help there. It was suggest that this might have been a pattern or glaze trial actually decorated by the Rheads themselves rather than by one of the girls on the production line. Does anyone know for sure ??

I have also posted this my other blog where I post items I need help identifying.
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