Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hakuli - Bronze Tribal Head

At first glance I thought I had discovered a very desirable example of Austrian Hagenauer art deco bronze. Of course not, I couldn't be that lucky.

Clearly marked

I did some research on this and found a firm by this name based in Israel, but they seemed to produce domestic items, religious candlestick and the like. Nothing as artistic as this.

Can anyone help with a date and designer. Is there a connection with Hagenauer ?

More Hakuli - May 2014

I recently bought this cute little Giraffe, from a shop who always places price tags over any marks and then dares you to peel them off !! I did not - I was already sure that it was a good thing and hope for Hagenauer, Rohac or Bosse marking.

No such luck

..... but it was marked Hakuli. Like the Head above so like the Austrian designs of the 1930's.
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