Friday, 6 May 2011

Mosanic Pottery - Galle Cat

Today's mystery object is this Galle style pottery cat with glass eye and marked "mosanic". Although he looks very pleased with himself he is unknown to me. As you try to buy this at Kempton Park type antiques market you can almost hear the dealer tell you with authourity "thats masonic mate, like galleee, very rare". 

But does anyone actually know who made it.

September 2011 -

At last a clue thanks to Decor Detective. He has refered me to a site on German pottery and porcelain factories and especially to one called Mitterteich, which from 1895 until 1917 was owned by Max Emmanuel & Co. this company certainly did have a range of porcelain marketed as Mosanic with various printed marks used from the period onwards.

I assume that the editor of this website knows their facts, however, I have a slight reservation over this attribution. The vast majority of Mittereich's wares are porcelain, including some Mosanic wares, it is a little surprising that they have also produced a earthenware pottery with a very French feel. Just as a suggestion - I read that Max Emmanuel were agents for other types of wares including Leotz glass and RSK porcelain. I wonder whether he commissioned another potter to produce these Galle copies and used  "Mosanic" as a tradename for all his ceramics ??

Some one will know, but at least we have a few more clues !!
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