Saturday, 2 July 2011

Mystery Print #2

I bought and sold this picture some time ago without ever being able to attribute it to an artist. If I recall correctly it came in a folio of mainly unsigned wood block prints that included a signed Arthur Rigden Read floral still life. This picture was different from the other and almost certainly not by the same artist.

What type of print ? you may ask ?

I was not quite sure. The colours were laid down quite thickly so probably not a relief print technqiue like linocut or woodblock. Possibly some early type of screen print but most likely a pochoir type proccess of colours being hand painted through stencils to build up the image.

Does any recognise it ? or seen a signed example.

Breaking News - Gerrie the Linosaurus has put forward a suggestion as probably by Alfred Casson (1898-1992, Canadian, group of 7) who was know for his Serigraph prints.  It possibly is a serigraph, which, if I am correct is a silkscreen print method.
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