Monday, 15 August 2011

more Austen Brown

Here a little more ........ to tease and may be to buy.

You may have notices in my original posting I included a picture of a page titled "A Bit of Chelsea" ten original lithographs by T Austen Brown published by The Macrae Gallery, 16 Fulham Road, SW3. This is also the address given for The Colour Woodcut Society whose contact was Mrs Elizabeth Christie Austen Brown. I wonder what the connection was?

The Colour Woodcut Society seems to have been established in 1920 by Frank Morley Fletcher and others? to promote the Japanese woodcut method of printing.They held selling exhibitions of work by such artists as John Hall Thorpe, John Edgar Platt, Ian Cheyne (1895-1955), Eric Hesketh Hubbard, Marion Gill (1879-1959), Jean Armitage, Ada Louise Collier (1870-1948), Kenneth Broad (president)  with the exhibitions being held at various locations including above a Japanese restaurant in Cavendish Square (1923)

I can't find out what the connection to the Brown's was, perhaps they were member and that year she was their secretary ?

This was a bit of an aside to the real reason for this posting. I meant to feature the publication "Bits of Chelsea ten original lithographs by T Austen Brown, text by A MacCallum Scot MP" Published by The Macrae Gallery, 16 Fulham Raod, SW3 c 1920. 

This appears to be a folio/book published as an "Edition de Luxe" with 75 signed and number copies, which in addition to the 10 lithograph contains one signed original colour woodcut of  the "River Thames at Battersea"

There are several copies for sale about the web with very different price tags, including at; with photograph of the woodcut and at - direct link

Another edition by Thomas Austen Brown and the Macrae Gallery that contain signed original prints is Etaples published 1920.

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