Saturday, 6 August 2011

O is for Omar

To continue my alphabet of British Arts and Crafts metalware - O is for Omar Ramsden (1873-1939)

Omar Ramsden with his association with Alwyn Carr was responsible for some of the most spectacular works of art in silver created in the arts and crafts style, even though many were not made until the 1920's quite sometime after the high point of the arts and crafts as applied to architecture or furniture design.

Omar was the son of a silver and electroplate manufacturer, he was apprenticed as a silversmiths and studied at Sheffield School of Art and later at the Royal College of Art in London. He established a partnership with Alwyn Carr in 1898 with the business based in London. Their style was largely taken from arts and crafts motif with Georgian and Gothic influences. They were not afraid to mix materials with many works encrusted with semi precious stones and enamels.

His work is currently highly regarded and the best pieces are amongst the most highly valued 20th Century works in silver. His personal hallmark is the gothic lettered OR. An easy one the remember and often accompanied with "Omar Ramsden Me Fecit" or similar either chased or raised with the design.
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