Monday, 22 August 2011

Print Techniques Thesaurus

We all search the internet trying to find rare and interesting prints to look at and buy.  However, I have often failed to trace the non-anglo artists because I do not know the French, German or Dutch technical names for the various printing methods.

So, here is your opportunity to help me with your advise on the names of printing methods.

English German French Dutch Italian
Intaglio Printing aquatint aquateint
dry point point-seche droge naald
engraving gravure gravure
etching gravure
mezzotint mezzoteint
Relief Printing collagraph collographie
linocut Linolschnitt linosnede
colour linocut Farblinolschnitt kleuren linosnede
woodblock Holzschnitt houtsnede
woodcut Holzschnitt houtsnede
colour woodcut Farbholzschnitt kleuren houtsnede
wood engraving hout gravure
Lithograph Lithografie Lithographie lithographie Litografica
Silkscreen Siebdrucke zeefdruk
Serigraph serigraphie
Stencils pochoir stencil

There many other variation on these techniques, some almost personal to the artists and without universal or established names. Some printed works do not fall within the usual perception of "the print", that of creating multiple copies of basically the same composition. Methods such as monotypes and monoprints create unique printed images and should be considered with original paintings.

So here is your chance to help - please let me know your translations, suggestion or corrections for the British term listed. I will update when new terms are confirmed.

Thanks to Gerrie The Linosaurus for his assistance.
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