Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Massier in Vallauris

I have been trying to find a new subject for a series of postings -- and stumbled across this as an idea. Postcards of Potteries !! -- well; I think it is a good idea. Initially the series will start in France, some major names like the Massiers and Quimper, other like Malicorne will be little known to the anglo readers of this blog.

The Massier family of potters established potteries in Vallauris-Golfe Juan, France, with Jacques Massier (1801-71) followed by his sons Clement and Delphin and their cousin Jerome. They are regarded as the playing a pivotal role in establishing Vallauris as a centre of excellence in the field of artist and decorative art pottery. A legacy that continues today, through the like of Pablo Picasso at Madoura to The International Biennial of Ceramic Arts;held at the Castle museum.
There were 3 separate factories, each run by a different member of the family. They created the best art nouveau art pottery made in France, including monumental architectural majolica and the famed iridescent lustre glazes, now valued so highly. Click here for the family tree.

Clément Massier (1844-1917)

 Delphin Massier (1836-1907)

Jérôme Massier (1850-1926)

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