Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Animal Woodblock ABC - Introduction

Having viewed an auction recently at Rupert Toovey's that had a few Nortbetine Bresslern Roth linocuts listed; I have found myself a new challenge.  As a result of the auctioneers ignorance and the mis-cataloguing that followed !! I spent sometime googling trying to find an answer. The answer was found and I was inspired to construct a new series of posting. More of that later.

Firstly ----- Here are the four prints viewed, all catalogued as Bresslern-Roth - including an Owl, Ducks, Gazelles and Tiger. Spot the odd one out ??

All excellent examples of the art of woodblock printing. The first three are all striking compositions, strong bold and stylised, whilst the Ducks are a little weak, pretty, almost Japanese in taste !! But which is the odd one out ? the Ducks may be ? No -  of course it's the Tiger.

Catalogue as Bresslern Roth, indistinctly signed in pencil. Well, I looked and looked and stared a bit more, but could only see the faintest of shadows that may have been a pencil signature. So faint, it was almost as if it had erased ?? and I had that feeling I seen this before ? where and who ?

John Dickson Batten (1860-1932) ... of coarse !! - seen it on Art and the Aesthete

So problem solved - still a beautiful print. Better with the correct attibution rather than slipping into someones collection as something else. I hope the buyer was not fooled. Still despite, catalguoe conditions and legislaton - buying at auction is still govern by the maxim "caveat emptor" - let the buyer beware !

During my googling "tiger woodblock" and similar, I realised how many beautiful images were created of animals. So, over the next few posts, I will pick an new animal and try to find woodblock and wood engraving inspired by them. Not too much in the way of biographies, just lots of lovely pictures.

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