Friday, 9 December 2011

B is for ... Animal Woodblock ABC

B is for ... Bittern ( rarely seen solitary wetland bird, renown for it's booming call.)

Allen William Seaby (1867-1953)

"Sedge of Bitterns"                                        Bitterns      
Colin See Paynton RE RCA (contemporary)    Andy English  SWE (contemporary)

"Least Bittern" Linda Mahoney (contemporary)
there something vaguely similar to Oscar Droege about some of her woodblock prints.

Bittern (woodblock print 2008) by Andrea Rich (contemporary)

Robert Greenhalf (born 1950)
See and buy his other lovely woodcuts of bird - Click Here
These are excellent value - I have seen them make more at auction than the cost new !!

and for those readers who are not familiar with this bird - here is a good photo.
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