Saturday, 10 December 2011

C is for ... Animal Woodblock ABC

C is for ... Cats

There are plenty of interesting C creature - Cattle, Crows, Crocodiles, Caterpillars, Cheetah, Crabs --- but few seem to be the subject enough woodblock prints - how many Camel picture have you seen ?

So; Cats it is - a very popular animal and a subject that is usually easy to sell.

Masaharu Aoyama (1893-1969)
have a look at for more prints by this artist
The print on the left is titled "Kitten and Thread".
I sold one of these earlier this year, it was a very appealing image - very furry.

Kiyoshi Saito (1907-97)

Tomoo Inakagi (1902-80)
there are several for sale a

There seem to be plenty of Japanese woodblock prints of cats, some cute and furry, others moderne and quite menacing. Now for some Anglo/European artist, some woodblocks, wood engravings and linocuts.

Dame Eileen Rosemary Mayo (1906-94)
Born England - Died New Zealand

 Red Chestnut
 John Edgar Platt (English 1886-1967)
Interesting ??? two slightly different version of the same composition
the example on the right was sold by William P Carl Fine Prints

 Unsigned at

"The Black Cat"
Eric Daglish (1892-1966)

 Agnes Miller Parker (1895-1980)
always a reliable source of cats - link

Norbertine Bresslern Roth

This was an easy post - plenty of cats. There are 10's if not 100's, many Japanese plus every amateur has had a go at their own cat, some good, some crude and some 10 out 10 for effort, but is it a cat ! just have a go in google images - linocut cat. There are some scary images out there. Hopefully you will agree that I have chosen a selection of the best.

A few more late entries................

 Jacques Hnizdovsky 1915-1985
He was an American based artist who had studied in Warsaw and Zagreb before moving to America in 1949. His work is represented in numerous permanent collections across America including Library of Congress and the White House.
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