Wednesday, 21 December 2011

G is for ...Animal Woodblock ABC

G is for ... Goose and Geese

and to start with - Arthur Rigden Read (1879-1955) with his woodblock print "Michaelmas Goose". His series of "character" are rare amongst British woodblock printing as they are figural, a subject usually left to the line engravers.

Thomas Austen Brown
with a gaggle of geese.
I have already posted several times on this artist - click here

Canadian Geese
Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe (1901-79)
Master wildlife artist including many fine wood engravings.
Link to more of his work - Link

I could not find any A W Seaby geese, so here are "Red Breasted Geese" by his grandson Robert Gillmor

European artists, include

Norbetine Bresslern-Roth (1891-1978)
Always a reliable source of linocuts featuring animals.
This one is for sale at

and to the rest of the world.....

Allan Jordan (1898-1992)
See - Gerrie's Linosaurus posting for a few more pictures by this Australian artist.

"Boy and Goose" by Eliza Draper Gardiner

"Weighing the Geese"
Charles Turzak (1899- 1986)
American printmaker

Charles Turzak was born in Streator, Illinois of Czech decent. After winning a prize contest sponsored by the Purina Company, studied at the Chicago Art Institute, graduating in 1924. He also travelled around Europe studying and work various odd jobs in and around Chicago before traveling to Europe for futher study. Click here to a more and see the collection of the Indianapolis Museum of Art - Link

Finally a few contemporary artists..................

Martha Ives - click here for more information

"Chingoteague" a reduction linocut
by Orla Harte - see Etsy
I just love the light and reflections.

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