Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Grosvenor School - For Sale !!

...... a follow up from yesterdays posting highlighting pictures that are coming up for sale at auction.

Today's selection are a group of important (high value) linocuts by artists associated with the Grosvenor School of Modern Art; which included such artists as Claude Flight, Sybil Andrews, Cyril Edward Power, Iain MacNab and Lill Tschudi. Yes; those Art Deco Cubist linocuts with highly stylised swirling brightly coloured masterpieces.

There are only 5 lots, 3 of which can only be described as iconic !! if you collect Modern British prints, then these are amongst the best around and they always make £1000s when they come up for sale - So here your chance, a rare opportunity to buy -- Where and when you ask

Lockdales Auctioneers - The Fine Sale - 13th and 14th June 2012

Lots 719 - "Steeplechasing" by Sybil Andrews (1898-1992)
dates to 1930 and was published in an edition of 60

Lot 720 - "Tube Station" by Cyril Edward Power (1872-1951)
published in an edition of 60

Lot 721 - "Speed Trial" by Cyril Edward Power (1872-1951)
published 1932 in an edition of 60

Lots 722 and 741 - "At Lavenham" by Cyril Edward Power (1872-1951)
published in an edition of 100

I know my favourite ! The Tube Station, I love the colours and the curved perspective. It reminds me of the contemporary printmaker, Gail Brodholt with her modern interpretation of these classic images.

"Going Underground" by Gail Brodholt

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