Sunday, 5 August 2012

La Monnaie De Paris - Postcards

"The Battles of Artois"

I was trawling through various "e" sales sites when a saw this postcard whilst searching for medals by the French artist Paul Marcel Dammann (1885-1939). This has led me to a search for more medal art related ephemera, especially postcards.

I'm not quite sure on the history of this postcard, but my best guess that it comes from a series published by the Paris Mint, either as advertising or simply as commemorative mementos. The booklet above suggests that profit raised is donated to the employees mutual insurance fund - perhaps these postcards were also sold to raise money for a charity ? The range of these cards seems be quite extensive with many other artists' works featured, both contemporary to the cards and historic.

Initially I will feature the medals of Dammann and with luck illustrate them with pictures of the appropriate medal.

"The Unknown Soldier"


"Iris" La TSF

As mentioned earlier, there are many other artists' whose works feature on the postcards - lots of opportunities for post  - remember to register as a follower - you would want to miss the new and exciting series !! would you ?
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