Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Around the Houses - Woodcuts

Just a short posting highlighting lots coming up for sale at auction in the next few weeks. There are some stunning works of art (art as in unaffordable) plus many interesting decorative prints.

John Hall Thorpe (1874-1947) "Primula and Forget-Me-Knots"
These are a bit of a standard, but still very popular.
From the photograph it looks clean !! - take care with there condition reports.
at Woolley & Wallis on 12/12/12 lot 276 est £100/150 - Link

Sylvan G Boxsius (1878-1941)
described as "S. G. Boxius woodblock print circa 1920 of farmstead in landscape, 36.5cm x 28cm."
at Andrew Hilditch Auctioneers on 5/12/12 lot 24 est £50-100 - Link
I was going for this myself but changed my mind - all yours !!

Edward McKnight Kauffer (1890-1954)
"Flight" - a rare woodcut, 1917
Bloomsbury Auctions on 4/12/12 lot 50 - Link
estimate - £30000 - £50000 !!!
go on treat yourself !! it's Christmas

Edward Alexander Wadsworth (1889-1949)
Riponelli: A Village in Lemnos
Bloomsbury Auctions on 4/12/12 lot 54 - Link
estimate - £10000 - £15000 - a bargain

Robert Gibbings (1889-1958)
Male Nude - woodcut, 1914
again at Bloomsbury - Lot63 - est £2000-3000
A very striking design - extremely rare - but HOW MUCH !!

Bloomsbury Auctions have a fantastic sale with plenty of "art" prints by such luminaries as, Edward Alexander Wadsworth (1889-1949), Paul Nash (1889-1946),Felix Edouard Vallotton (1865-1925),Lyonel Feininger (1871-1956),Emil Nolde (1867-1956), Edward McKnight Kauffer & and Robert Gibbings. Their catalogue is worth looking at.
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