Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Georges Ridet (1906-1967)

Arrrr..... Very soft and furry !! This medal just made me smile, reminding me of childhood pets. 

The rabbit is a well observed study finely executed and placing  it within a cartouche seems to lift the design from ordinary to something with an moderne art deco twist. A simple but a clever trick !!

.... and you wouldn't be surprised to learn that it was designed in 1931 in the middle of the Art Deco period. This was designed by the French medaillier, Georges Ridet (1906-1967)

From a series of trades.

Georges was born in 1906 and initially studied at the École des Beaux-Arts at Dijon before completing his art training at the École Nationale Supérior des Beaux-Arts de Paris where he was a student of Henri Auguste Jules Patey (1855-1930) and Henri Dropsy (1885-1969).

His style is moderne, none of the classicism of the previous generation, designs of simplified blocks  and geometric shapes. This style must have been appreciated as he received a mention at the Salon des Artistes Français in 1928 before wining bronze medal in 1931. Also he achieved international success, being awarded second prize for sculpture at the 1935 Grand Prix de Rome.

 Battle Ship by Ridet with a design by Lenoir on the reverse.

Classical head with an art deco twist.

There does not seem to be many designs by Ridet, a few from the 1930's and the slightly later series of trades. I wonder how big this series was ? I have seen 3 different ones, Le Fer, Le Bois and La Pierre. All in all not much information on Georges, more would be appreciated, please comment.

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