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Louis Icart (1888-1950)

Louis is considered the "master" of the Boudoir Art genre, although not the first to develop the style, he was the premier exponent of it in terms quantity, longevity and consistent quality. He is to Boudoir as Clarice Cliff would be to British Art Deco - the name the man in the street was mostly likely to know.

"Two Friends" - Art Deco Period

He created images that even today are the epitome of "Art Deco" and continue in popularity, reproduced as facsimile prints, calenders, books and even fridge magnets !! now that is fame.

I not going to spend too long on the life but on his art, as much has already been researched and published about Icart. Just do a quick Google to find numerous biographies.

Fashion Period etchings.

I recommend that you purchase -- Louis Icart: The Complete Etchings. It's illustrations show most of Icart's published etchings, although the early Fashion Period is incomplete. I use this book every day and it has saved me from making costly mistakes -- how why ? because it details the correct copyright information for each, the absence of which may mean it is a copy or lithographic version. A beautiful book to look at, well worth tracking down.

The Green Robe.

In my opinion his etching fall into several distinct group in terms of style - the early "Fashion Period" of fashionable Belle Epoque women, a style similar to Paul Cesar Helleu (1857-1927) and early Maurice Milliere (1871-1946), "World War 1" with dark and often sentimental compositions, "Art Deco" with every thing you expect and the "Late Art Deco" which as a more graphic pin up quality.

Advise to collectors - be 100% sure before buying - these are valuable prints and as a results have been subject to reproduction. As with all of these prints - condition condition condition. Clean, bright, beautifully presented pictures will often cost multiples of the price of a flat, brown, spotty, damaged or poorly framed example ..... and that is way it should be !! I only want beautiful examples hanging on my wall - don't settle for anything less.

 SEE - for current stock.

Gestes De Femme - WW1 period

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