Friday, 28 December 2012

Abelin - Boudoir Art

Every Art Deco motif you can think of -- pretty girl, parrot, greyhound and exotic landscape. I half expect Pierrot to be hiding behind the tree. A signed limited edition original etching with aquatint colours by -- Abelin ?? I'm not sure with this one - am I reading this signature correctly ?

Tricky to read ?? Abelin, Abeliy or even A Celiy ?? and although they clearly read the same name they look as if they have been written by different hands. Well I guess all our signatures vary over time especially if you have just signed an edition of 250 !!

Currently, I am sticking with "Abelin" as that was the way I first read it - first reactions our often the best. But who is this artist ? Here is another one, which has a slightly later feel.

There are a couple of artists named Abelin or similar; Johan Abeling (b1953) and Ludwig Abelin Schou (1838-1867). Neither can be our man.

Other people named Abelin include a French family of politicians; Pierre Abelin (1909-1977) and his son Jean-Pierre Abelin (b1950), so at least I can confirm this word is a genuine surname, not just a made up "nom de plume". However, there is no references to an artist tradition in there online biographies.

A mystery artist !! lovely images and if in a clean and fresh condition, beautifully framed will make an affordable entry in to the world of collecting Boudoir Art.

...... if you know more, please leave a comment.

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