Monday, 24 December 2012

Lalique - Medals

As a follow up from an earlier posting, I have tried to find pictures of as many Rene Lalique's (1860-1945) "non-glass" medals as possible. I am sure that there a more to be found and will rely on readers to send more pictures and correct dating error.

So here goes ----

1906 - Targa Florio

1910 - Republic of Chile

Ivory roundell c1914

Caring for the wounded - c1914

Orphelinat des Armees c1915
available as stamped brass and gold coloured card.

"Journee Du Poilu" c1915 - pin and card badge above and bronze medal below

"Aidez Nous A Les Sauver"
fund raising award - seen in several colour and shape variations.

c1915-16 - the top of the "Spes Mihi Prima Deus" stick pin.
"I Trust in God First of All"

"Pour les blesses de la Tuberculose"
fund raising award available in bronze, silver and gold colours ?

I am sure that there must be more variations and other designs - but at least it is a starting point.

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