Wednesday, 5 December 2012

more.... Keswick - KSIA

Recently there has been quite a lot of interest in the metal wares made at the Keswick School of Industrial Arts as my original posting (link) detailing a brief history has become my most viewed posting - amazing since it dates back to January 2011 and has not been that popular.

So to keep you well inform of the wonderful art produced in their workshop, here are some more pictures of there product !!

.... some trays

Plenty of patterns to collect and made from copper, brass, silver plate and gilding metal. I do recall seeing a hallmarked silver tray quite few years ago and that is rare and valuable.

.............. dishes

.............. vases

......... and in silver plate

....... teasets and muffin dishes

........ and a few W H Mawson on his own !!

All of these items I have owned and sold. They represent a good cross section of the School's better product. Of course there many breathtakingly beautiful items made, but I have not been lucky enough to find any that I can afford to stock. I have not included to many undecorated item and none of the plain stainless steel pieces made during the post war period.

Hopefully this will inspire a few more to collect these wonderful examples of British arts and crafts.

For a comprehensive history, including many period photographs, I suggest you buy -- 

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