Saturday, 29 December 2012

P France - Boudoir Art

Another mystery artist ............

..... and isn't she lovely, A Moon Dancer !!

As with most of the Boudoir Art genre, this is a copper plate line etching with aquatint colour. Almost certainly French and dating to c1925. Signed in pencil and numbered 2 out of an edition of 350. Unfortunantly there are no copyright detail which might give us a trail to follow.

Is P France a real artist ? studio name or nom de plume for another artist ?

We simply do not know.

This has been on eBay France for years and deserves a new home and a beautiful framing treatment - if you need her - click here to go straight to the listing -- EBAY

... and if you find out any more information about the artist, please leave a comment.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Abelin - Boudoir Art

Every Art Deco motif you can think of -- pretty girl, parrot, greyhound and exotic landscape. I half expect Pierrot to be hiding behind the tree. A signed limited edition original etching with aquatint colours by -- Abelin ?? I'm not sure with this one - am I reading this signature correctly ?

Tricky to read ?? Abelin, Abeliy or even A Celiy ?? and although they clearly read the same name they look as if they have been written by different hands. Well I guess all our signatures vary over time especially if you have just signed an edition of 250 !!

Currently, I am sticking with "Abelin" as that was the way I first read it - first reactions our often the best. But who is this artist ? Here is another one, which has a slightly later feel.

There are a couple of artists named Abelin or similar; Johan Abeling (b1953) and Ludwig Abelin Schou (1838-1867). Neither can be our man.

Other people named Abelin include a French family of politicians; Pierre Abelin (1909-1977) and his son Jean-Pierre Abelin (b1950), so at least I can confirm this word is a genuine surname, not just a made up "nom de plume". However, there is no references to an artist tradition in there online biographies.

A mystery artist !! lovely images and if in a clean and fresh condition, beautifully framed will make an affordable entry in to the world of collecting Boudoir Art.

...... if you know more, please leave a comment.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Lalique - Medals

As a follow up from an earlier posting, I have tried to find pictures of as many Rene Lalique's (1860-1945) "non-glass" medals as possible. I am sure that there a more to be found and will rely on readers to send more pictures and correct dating error.

So here goes ----

1906 - Targa Florio

1910 - Republic of Chile

Ivory roundell c1914

Caring for the wounded - c1914

Orphelinat des Armees c1915
available as stamped brass and gold coloured card.

"Journee Du Poilu" c1915 - pin and card badge above and bronze medal below

"Aidez Nous A Les Sauver"
fund raising award - seen in several colour and shape variations.

c1915-16 - the top of the "Spes Mihi Prima Deus" stick pin.
"I Trust in God First of All"

"Pour les blesses de la Tuberculose"
fund raising award available in bronze, silver and gold colours ?

I am sure that there must be more variations and other designs - but at least it is a starting point.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Albert Herbemont - Medals

This posting continues my series about the artists who specialised in creating the designs for medals. Today, I will try and trace the life and works of the artist Albert Herbemont, who created this medal;

A charming study on the front, almost a classical composition, but with simpler and cleaner lines. Now doubt influenced by the art deco movement tht was prevelent during the 1920's and 1930's. The design on the reserve side has "great strength" some think slightly germanic !! Signed Albert Herbemont, not a name that I was familiar with -- so who he ??

Auguste Albert Herbemont (1874-1953) was a French artist living in Paris who specialised in small works in bronze, especially medailles and awards. He is recorded as being a pupil of François-Joseph-Hubert Ponscarmé (1827-1903) probably at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, where Ponscarmé was a tutor.

He exhibited at the Salon des Artiste Francais, winning a gold medal in 1923 and The Albert Maignan Prize in 1927. In addition he was a founding member of the Societe des Amis de la Medaille.

As with so many sculptors, the post 1918 period provided many opportunities to create larger scale works with commissions for Memorial Monuments. Herbemont was responsible for at least one ! which can be found on the Ile Aux Moines. He was initially commissioned in 1922 with an unveiling in 1923.

In 1949 he was employed to design the additions to the monument relating to the fallen from WW11. This addition is dated 1951, which would make it one of his last creations before his death in 1953. 
The design influences for roundel decorative insert, are similar to the reverse side of my first medal.

His medals are usually signed either "Albert Herbemont" or "A Herbemont" .

His works can be found on collections and museums around the world, including; The Spencer Museum of Art (University of Kansas), private collections and dealers stock - keep looking.

More medal by Albert;

For other medals, try; - several images of other medals.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Bingley Hall - Stafford - PREVIEW

We are back on the road today, heading to the midlands and the Bingley Hall Antiques and Collectors Fair at the Staffordshire Showground. This is the fourth time we have exhibited here, so we are just beginning to have a few regular buyers.

So come and say hello -

Here are a few of the pictures and pots that we will be exhibiting ( for sale)

A selection of Monart and Vasart Glass

Hugh Wallis of Altrincham.

 Norica Zinn Art Metalware.

various arts and crafts items.

German Art Nouveau Pewter Champagne Bucket.

more Kayserzinn and WMF

Stunning maiden inkwell.

Duchess of Sutherland's Cripples Guild
silver plated tazza and dishes.

German Jugendstil Casket

A selection of fine bronze medals.

Kayserzinn, WMF and Art Nouveau Glass

Pictures include Boudoir Art by;
Frank Martin, Louis Icart, Maurice Milliere and Willi Kissmer.

for more items.

See you there --
County Showground, Stafford. ST18 0BD on A518, 5 mins J14, M6
Friday 7th - Sunday 9th
10am to 5pm each day