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Jean Lecroart (1883-1967)

La Femme de la Belle Epoque - a lovely recent purchase; a finely minted Belgium bronze medal signed J Lecroart  - who ??

He was a Belgium artist, sculptor and medallist, born in Laeken, north west of Brussels in 1883. It is recorded that he studied under the Belgium painter sculptor Hippolyte Le Roy (1857-1943) and that subsequently he based himself in Paris before settling in Charente-Maritime in western France.

a medal and painting by Lecroart's tutor Le Roy

"The Naiads" Lecroart's own work - link
Naiads being nymphs of streams and freshwater from ancient Greek mythology -
I am not sure but they looks to be Oceanids dancing in the sea !!

One his medal was included in the 1919 edition MEDAILLES HISTORIQUES of BELGIQUE published by the SOCIETÉ ROYALE DE NUMISMATIQUE, where his style was summarized as "M. Lecroart
cherche des formes les adapte avec bonheur à ses sujets" which roughly translates to - Mr. Lecroart looks for new forms and adapts them with happiness to his subjects. - A new and fresh look.!!

Whilst living in Charante-Maritime he taught painting at ?? where one of his student was the precociously talented artist Elie Miller-Ranson (1907-1989). Other students include artists such as Claude Gérard. In addition to his paintings and medals he created several larger scale memorial bronzes, such as can be found in the cemetery in D'Ixelle and the plaque commemorating Gaston Gallopin

His medal can be found in many museum collection across Europe, including; the British Museum and Brighton and Hove Museums, who have the "Hygieia" medal.

"Hygieia" designed before 1913

"La Pensee" designed by 1909

There must be more !!
Any suggestions.

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