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Charles Samuel (1862-1938) - medals

I like these little puzzles and searches, trying to find pictures of medals or works of art illustrated in period publications or as with this one, on a postcard. There is some satisfaction when the search is successful and to see the item in full Hi-Res digital clarity.

This postcard and the associated medal were issued by the "Monnaie De Paris" mint to advertise this portrait medal of the Belgium poet, Iwan Gilkin (1858-1924) by Charles Samuel (1862-1938). I assume this was issued soon after his death in 1924, in a period of change in the style tastes of Europe, from the end of art nouveau to the then modern art deco. This medal seen to be caught at a crossroads, the portrait a simple clean depiction with a modern typeface, whilst the reverse looks back to the classicism that was in favour a few decades earlier.

The art Charles Samuel was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1862. Early in his career he trained to be a jeweller but changed direction when he went on to study to be a sculptor at the Royal Belgium Academy in Brussels. He exhibited widely including at the Paris Salon and the Ghent Salon, earning much critical success winning several awards.

other works by Samuel

He was awarded a silver medal at the Paris Exposition of 1889 for statue titled "In the Evening", with other major success following in 1900 when he won a gold medal at the Paris, Exposition Universelle.

His commercial works, included several commemorative monumental bronzes, such as the monuments to Charles De Coster in Ixelles (above) and the Belgium politician, Pierre Van Humbeeck (1829-1890)

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