Thursday, 28 February 2013

William Mussill - Ceramics as Art

The artist William Mussill (1826-1906) is best known for his work at Minton China Works in Staffordshire. He was their bird painter, like William Powell was for Royal Worcester, specialising in decorating art wares and special commissions. This plaque is typical of his work with brightly coloured birds painted in thick glazes on terracotta coloured pottery wall plaques and Moonflasks.

Whilst, he seemed to favour birds, his skill weren't limited to our feathered friends. Here is a series of Fish, finely painted on to porcelain and with a back stamp to confirm that this set was a special commission by the London retailer T G Goode & Co.

If you think you have found a work by him, it must be signed !! you will have to look carefully to find and read the signature. Sometimes the signature is boldly written in over glaze colours, but often un-readable. Other times he scratches through the painting, so the white porcelain shows through. Also, these signatures can be hidden within the foliage or weed !!

......... and finally a lobster !!

... not my usual subject. All a little bit too Victorian for me. However, you do not need to like art to appreciate the skill and quality and whilst you might dismiss them simply as china dinner plates, you should realise they are worth more than the waste majority of the prints I normally post about !!
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