Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Alexis Vollon - Boudoir Art

 .... more boudoir art ... pictures of bedrooms for your bedroom.

Until the recent purchase of the picture below, Alexis Vollon was not an artist I was familiar with. Which was surprising; as you can see from the quality in both these etching, he was a talented print maker. These are very competent compositions, a delicate touch and enough stylisation without the slightly cartoonish feel of the other minor artists in the genre.

The reason ?? He was already a successful painter in oils before these etchings were created and perhaps these were a more commercial side project away from his "serious art"

Alexis Vollon (1865-1945), born Antoine, was a French figure, still life and landscape painter, the son of the painter Antoine Vollon (1883-1900) under whom he studied.. He was very successful early in his artistic career, exhibiting at the Salon Des Artistes Francais, Paris, recieving an "honourable mention" as early as 1885. He went on to be awarded was awarded a third class medal in 1888 followed in 1889 by a second-class medal.

typical early oil paintings - very delicate lighting, just drawing the viewer to the girls' heads.

Soon, this success led to acceptance as a full member of the Salon in 1891 and being made Chevalier of the Legion d’honneur and winning a silver medal at the Exhibition Universelle, Paris; both in 1900.

.... and to confirm that I have identified the correct artist, here are sample signatures. One from this painted and the other from the second etching.

Alexis was not as successful as his father, despite this the quality of his work is there to be seen. Such quality the his work can be found in several French museums including Montpellier, Digne and Gray as well as the collection of "Museums Sheffield" and "Derby Museums and Art Gallery" in the UK. 

His painting are regularly sold at auction for prices up to $14,000, although most that sell are valued at $2,000-$6,000. That is a lot of money for the work of a less successful son of a famous father. Antoine's paintings have sold for up to $70,000 but again most are valued a $4,000-$8,000.

It is quite some time between his early critical success and the date of these boudoir pictures, c1926, perhaps these were created to revive a stagnant period in his creative life.
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