Friday, 24 May 2013

Daisy & Bluebells

Just a little bit fun............ A flower related posting ???

Here are the Bluebells.....

This carpet of Bluebells can be found in Staffhurst Wood, Merle Common ... not quite at their best, that was a few days later, but still a breath taking sight. The woodblock connection relates to the artist Mary Macrae White and my earlier posting, in which I mentioned a painting by her titled "Water Daisies, Staffhurst Wood".

Well..... these are the woods but not the daisies.

Here is the Daisy

.... a 6 month old Poodle/Cocker Spanial cross -- very cute but very dirty. I tried to photographer her amongst the bluebells, but she was just having too much fun to stand still long enough. She is owned by my friend and business partner and we are now trying to train her to bark once for Rosenthal and twice for a Woodcut.

Follow UP....

My original plan for this posting was to create an opportunity to display Bluebell related woodblock prints - However, other than small blurred version of  a Hall-Thorpe woodcut, I could not find any suitable images.

Here is a better version of the Hall- Thorpe kindly supplied by Gerrie the Linosaurus (LINK)
The challenge is to find more....

Robert Lesley Howey (1900-1981)
Thank you Klaus.

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