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Pierre Poisson (1876-1953) - Medals

Pierre-Marie Poisson (1876-1953)
Artist - Sculptor - Medallist

Pierre-Marie Possion is another French artist who created some spectacular medals during the 1930's. His name cropped up whilst researching Albert Pommier and as the name was vaguely familiar I search my own archive of medals to find the "Le Harve" design at the top. The quality of this motivated me to explore the internet to find more medals and biographical detail.

The little I can find about Pierre is limited to his artist training and career, although he appears to have names variously listed as and including; "Auguste" "Marie" "Pierre" Poisson. So perhaps his early live is listed under a different variation. 

What I could established was that he studied sculpture at the École des Beaux-Arts, Toulouse before, like Albert Pommier, travelling to Algiers to study at the Villa Abn-el-Tif. Whilst there he was awarded the prestigous; Prix Abd-el-Tif in 1907: Pommier went on to win it in 1914.

He exhibited both in France and internationally including showing a bronze sculpure titled "Eve" at the Salon des Tuileries in 1949 (shown right) - His style of classicism with a hint of art deco, might have seemed a little passé by the late 1940's, however technically excellent. Also he exhibited in the UK showing 2 works at the Royal Scottish Academy.

Perhaps his greatest monument were the large sculptures in the round he created for the 1937 Paris, L'Exposition Universelle and which are now to be found near the Eiffel Tower.

His medals are usually signed PM.Poisson, which confirms that his "artistic" name as Pierre-Marie Poisson

other designs include;

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