Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Anet - Boudoir Art

In my continuing series of posting about "Boudoir Art" etchings and the artists that created them, I have set myself the task of discovering the identity of the artist responsible for etchings signed "Anet"

She's lovely - an original pencil signed dry point/aquatint etching, not one of those more recent faux etching like prints that seem to be every where on eBay. Very demure, simply and charming. Not the quality of Louis Icart or Milliere; but certainly comparable to the works of Jean Hardy or Jean Gilles.

I have read the signature as "Anet" but i could easily be any thing from Emit to even Dimet ?? Any suggestions. I assume that this is not a one off "lucky creation" by an untraceable amateur but by an artist who created other similar works.

Do you have one ?? and do you know anything about this artist ??

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