Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Around The Houses - Boxsius & Friends

This edition of my Around the Houses series of posting start as a typical version, picking the few highlights from the many auction in the coming few weeks. However, it soon morphed into a single sale posting when I clicked on to Dominic Winter to view the catalogue for their sale on the 5th & 6th of Feb 2014.

.... so here are a selection from that catalogue.

"Corfe Castle" - Sylvan G Boxsius (1878-1941)

colour woodblock, signed and titled in pencil to lower margin, the full sheet, 28 x 33cm (11 x 13ins)
Lot 230 - Dominic Winter 5-6th Feb 2014
These are currently riding the crest of the collecting wave and make good money at auction. Mainly collectors buying direct, I guess propped up by dealer under-bidders. This looks to be a good example with ample colour. A typical British holiday - a small patch of blue sky with a shower following on close behind.

also at Dominic Winter are these more special "art" editions

Lot 232 - Norbertine von Bresslern-Roth (1891-1978) "North African Donkeys" colour linocut

Lot 238 - Edward Henry Gordon Craig (1872-1966) "The Storm, King Lear" from 1923

Lot 241 - P Croasdale (20th century) An album containing thirty-eight woodcuts and wood engravings

Lot 243 - Barbara Greg (1900-1983) Woodengraving - Landscape with sheep

Lot 264 - Leon Underwood (1890-1975) "Emperor Jones"  from 1927, woodcut

Lot 269 - Desiree Whitford (early 20th century) ‘Beyond Paradise’ dated 1931, colour woodcut

These are just a selection from the sale. Other artists featured in the sale include; Edmund Blampied (1886-1966), Frank Brangwyn ( 1867-1956 ), Gerald Leslie Brockhurst (1890-1978), Friedrich Iwan (1889-1967) Orovida Pissaro (1893-1968), William Walcot (1874-1943) and Leslie Moffat Ward (b1888).

Some great names - a sale worth viewing and in days gone by, I would have had a go and bought many of these for stock. Sadly, buying trends have changed and now, these specialist sales are often the best place to sell these prints - collectors tend to go straight to the source. Will they buy them cheaper ? May be. Will they be presented  as clean and ready to hang ? NO !

Good luck - I might just try for a few !!!!
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