Monday, 30 June 2014

A H Williamson - A Woodcut of Caterham

I have had this image stored on the computer for quite sometime and I don't know why I haven't tried any research. It's a woodcut titled "Caterham" by an artist A H Williamson, dated 1933, which came up for auction last year and if I recall correctly it sold for about £20 !! sadly; a typical price at auction for small woodcuts.

I like these austere inter-war period woodcuts, very much in the style of Hughes Blair-Stanton or Paul Nash. Very masculine, quite depressing, an under tone of malevolence. Which isn't true of the view, Caterham is a pleasant commuter town in the Surrey Hills and I am farely sure that this is Church Hill.

A very similar view of Church Hill.
Wooden fence and trees, even the slope on the right look correct. 

and here is an old black and white photo dating to c1925 from the Frith Archive - Link

.... and the artist "A H Williamson" ?? I am begining to believe that it is Alexander Hardie Williamson but currently I am not positive. I am researching a few tendrils of information and I will post again soon.

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