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Doris Hill (1905-76) - The Lily Pond

Doris Hill (1906-76) - another lovely looking American dancer actress from the golden age of Hollywood and the silent era. I have sub-titled this "The Lily Pond" referring to the title of the glorious coloured etching on copper by Frank Martin - shown below. As so often this is my starting of point to find other art inspired by this actress.

Many of these minor stars, seem to follow the same route to Hollywood - train as a dancer, followed by some Vaudeville, then some film roles and ending by marrying an actor or two. Doris's career follows this trend, having been born in Roswell, New Mexico, after working as a Vaudeville dancer she moved to Hollywood in the early 1920's following the star to an acting career.

 Her first film was the 1926 silent "Is That Nice" with George O'Hara, this was followed by a string of minor silent "B" films until her successful transition to talkies in c1930. Now under contract at Paramount, her roles were almost all Westerns, including "Sons of the Saddle" with Ken Maynard. In total she appeared in 35 plus films up to 1934 with her final role in "Ridin' Gents"

 During her time in Hollywood she was selected to be one of the Wampas Baby Stars, another name that crops up all the time. After her career faded away she married the actor George Derrick, divorced him to marry the director/producer Monte Brice.

 "Wampas Baby Stars 1929" by Frank Martin - Including Doris

There is plenty of graphic art associated with her films, including many glorious Cowboy film posters.

Filmography include;
1926 - Is That Nice
1926 - Timid Terror
1926 - Tom and his Pals
1926 - The Better 'Ole
1927 - Rough Hosue Rosie
1927 - Casey at the Bat
1927 - Tell it to Swenney
1927 - Beauty Shopper
1928 - Alvalanche
1928 - Take me Home
1928 - Court Martial
1928 - Tillie's Punctured Romance
1928 - Thief in the Dark
1928 - Darkened Room
1929 - His Glorious Nights
1929 - The Studio Murder Mystery
1930 - Men are like that
1930 - Sons of the Saddle
1930 - Song of the Caballero
1930 - Code of Honor
1931 - The One Way Trail
1931 - The Montona Kid
1932 - South of the Rio Grande
1932 - Tangled Destinies
1932 - Spirit of the West
1932 - Battling Buckeroo
1933 - Trailing North
1933 - Via Pony Express
1933 - Galloping Romeo
1933 - Crashing Broadway
1933 - The Ranger's Code
1934 - Texas Tornado
1934 - Ridin' Gents
plus others

Here are an interesting pair of pictures - perhaps she did inspired more art. The photo on the left is studio publicity shot whilst the picture is a boudoir art dry point and aquatint on copper by the French artist Paul Emile Felix titled the "Evening Attire" - strikingly similar. I guess there is no difference to Frank Martin "The Lily Pond" that was based on another studio portrait.

More graphic poster art;

Internet references include; http://www.fandango.com/dorishill/filmography/p32298 http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0384202/
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