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Nancy Carroll (1903-1965) - What a SWEETIE

Nancy Carroll was a New York born Hollywood Star whose popularity in the early 1930’s led to her recieving the most fan mail of any actress of her era. Born Ann Veronica Lahiff; her early career in New York followed a familiar path, from local talent contests to stage shows to an acting career in Broadway musicals.


 Nancy is shown below as Daisy Heath from the 1928 film “A Shopworn Angel” 

It wasn't long before she was signed up by a big Hollywood studio and in her case it was Paramount Picture. Her 1927 talkie debut was in the film “Ladies Must Dress” playing Mazie. This was followed in 1928 by 8 further films, including “Easy Come, Easy Go” with Richard Dix which made her a STAR !

In the next few years she was kept busy, completing 6 films in 1929, 6 in 1930 and 3 in 1931. Although clearly a star signing for the studio, she was released from her Paramount contract c1935 as she had earned herself a reputation of being uncooperative, often refusing to take roles offered to her.

Sadly by the late 1930’s her star had fallen and was no longer considered an A-list bankable star with her final film being “There Goes My Heart” in 1938. After the end of her film career she returned to stage and appeared in a few television series in the 1950’s & 60’s.

She died in 1965 having been found dead after failing to arrive for a theatre performance. She is remembered as a fiesty character and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Filmography - with selected art posters. Links (in black) to purchase film or poster.

1927 Ladies Must Dress
1928 Easy Come, Easy Go
1928 Chicken a La King
1928 The Water Hole
1928 Manhattan Cocktail
1928 The Shopworn Angel
1929 The Wolf of Wall Street
1929 Sin Sister
1929 Close Harmony
1929 The Dance of Life
1930 Honey 1929 Illusion
1929 Sweetie
1930 Paramount on Parade
1930 Follow Thru
1930 Dangerous Paradise
1930 The Devil's Holiday
1930 Laughter
1931 Personal Maid
1931 Night Angel
1931 Stolen Heaven
1932 Broken Lullaby
1932 Wayward
1932 Hot Saturday
1932 Scarlet Dawn
1932 Under-Cover Man
1933 Child of Manhattan
1933 The Woman Accused
1933 The Kiss Before the Mirror
1933 I Love That Man
1934 Springtime for Henry
1934 Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round
1934 Jealousy
1935 I'll Love You Always
1935 After the Dance
1935 Atlantic Adventure
1938 That Certain Age
1938 There Goes My Heart

She also inspired many beautiful fan magazine cover art work.

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