Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Eduard Hueck Edelzinn - Art Nouveau

This recent purchase reminded me of another quality but largely unknown (to Anglo's) German company who produced some well made bold art nouveau design pewter in the period from c1890 to c1915.

Decorated with stylised leaves forming a cartouche on the front, which would be ideal for a monogram or dedication. This example was not signed with a makers mark, but I had just sold a similar item that was fully marked on the underside with a moulded circular mark. This confirms thats the range of ware were called "Edelzinn" and that the shape number is 1847.

Metallwarenfabrik Eduard Hueck, to give them there full title, was established c1814 in the German town of Ludenscheid and still exist today, but no longer produce decorative art wares. Their art nouveau and secessionist designed ware are in my opinion the most pleasing. Several leading and well know designers are associated with them and it is known that Albin Muller (1871-1941) produced several design, which are marked with his AM monogram (see below).  Peter Behrens (1868-1940) and Joseph Maria Olbrich (1867-1908) are thought to have also designed various pieces for the company.

Typical marks seen and in age order - left c1890 and right c1905

two more examples that I have recently sold.

At the time of posting the top ewer is forsale on my sales website

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