Thursday, 27 March 2014

Bott ? - Boudoir Art

These two pretty oval boudoir etchings recently appeared on French eBay. Typical French listing with the  brief description of "Paires d'aquatintes sur soie, signées Bott dans le style de louis Icart. Jolies couleurs. Dimension du cadre: 18 par 24,5 cm"

Both were signed in pencil "Bott" or similar. Although listed as "Icart Style"; their appearance is more similar to that of Naillod or Ferat - both considered minor artist. Neither the quality of Louis Icart or Maurice Milliere for example.


 I don't know any details about this artist or whether there was a Monsoir Bott or whether it was simply a "gallery name" -- Someone will know ??

Whoever created these doesn't really matter as they are both very pretty decorative pictures and are well worth their money.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

MAX - Boudoir Art Mystery

I need a bit of help with this one !!

I recently spotted this framed print for sale on a well known online auction site.

The composition and format just about qualifies as boudoir art. For me, it is a little tame, the girl isn't pretty enough, her pose isn't provocative enough and the dog isn't cute enough. Perhaps French' but it has a very Germanic feel to it !!

Simply signed in pencil "MAX" - who ?? any suggestions. There are faint copyright marks, that suggest a French publisher. Perhaps MAX is a psuedonym; a bit like calling Romain D'Tirtoff - Erte, that is his initals in French -- ErrTaa. Is there an artist whose initals are M.A.X ??

Friday, 14 March 2014

Around The Houses - March 2014

Just a short posting to keep you informed of some of the woodcuts and woodblock prints coming up for sale at auction in the next few week.

Woolley & Wallis - Pictures 19th March
York - Emile Antoine Verpilleux (1888-1964)
Lot 76 estimated at £100-200
I am so tempted by this one, but NO; I must be disciplined - leave it for the collectors.

This sale also has a Edward Loxton Knight woodcut and a vaste collection of fantastic Herbert Dicksee etching. Have a look they are wonderful, a little out of fashion but very reasonable.

 Anderson & Garland - 25th March
Lot 50 - Hans Frank (1884-1948)
"SEAGULLS" signed and dated '23 

Tennants - 29th March
Norbertine Bresslern-Roth
Lot444 - Est £300-500
They also have 2 others by this artist but this is my pick.

Just a small selection - there are many more pictures includung Edward Bawden (souless) and more minor names - have search through online auction catalogues and see what you can find.