Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Maud Tindal Atkinson - Sleeping Beauty etc

We have been lucky recently.... just look at these two pictures.

Both are super fine original watercolour paintings; the first of a young Prince ? in bed with a frog at the foot of his bed and the other has a young knight encountering a sleeping princess entombed in a glass coffin. Almost certainly the original paintings to be used to illustrate a childrens' books, perhaps "The Frog Price" and "Sleeping Beauty".

.... and before you say it; in the Grimm's fairy tale it is the Princess who finds the Frog Prince, so you might expect the figure in the bed to be a beautiful young girl, not as here, a youth!

 ... and as for the artist.... Amy Maud Tindal Atkinson (1875-1954)

She was a successful artist illustrator born at Shortlands in Kent. It is understood that she studied at Art Department of Kings College for Women in Kensington c1905 becoming asuccessful artist; exhibiting 15 works at the Royal Academy from 1906 to 1937. She was also the subject of a painting by Byam Shaw entitled "Maud, Daughter of His Honour Judge Tindal Atkinson." which was exhibited at the Royal Academy.

There are many examples of her work to found if googled and a quick look on abebooks list several editions illustrated with her pictures. Including;

The Land of Nice New Clothes by E. H. Paine (1920)
My Favourite Nursery Rhymes by Samuel J Looker (1922)
The Beautiful Childhood by E France Boulting(1926)
I Will Be Good by Dion Clayton Calthrop (1929)
The Hollow Tree by Geraldine Mockler (?) 

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