I have for sometime been adding a few posts on designers of commemorative and award medals working in the early 20th century. This post is designed as a hub to take you the artist of your choice or allow you to pick at random. Currently there are a modest number of artist or medallist listed, but this will be added to on a regular basis. If you are interested in this area of applied art then I hope you will add this to your favourites list.

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Artist Dates Country Link
Bazor, Lucien 1889-1974 France Click Here
Benard, Raoul 1881-1961 France Click Here
Blin, Edouard 1877-1946 France Click Here
Bouchard, Henri   1875-1960 France Click Here
Cariat, Lucian  1874-1925 France Click Here
Cliquet, René  1899-1977 Belgium Click Here
Cochet, Robert 1903-1988 France Click Here
Contaux, George  France Click Here
Crouzat, George  1904-1976 France Click Here
Dammann, Paul Marcel 1885-1939 France Click Here
Delamarre, Raymond 1890-1986 France Click Here
Delannoy, Maurice 1885-1972 France Click Here
De Smeth, Louis Antoine 1883-1964 Belgium Click Here
Dupagne, Arthur 1895-1961 Belgium Click Here
Dupont, Louis 1896-1967 Belgium Click Here
Fath, Richard 1900-52 French Click Here
Gillick, Ernst George 1874-1951 British Coming soon
Grun, S fl 1910-40 prob French Click Here
Guiraud, Georges 1900-89 French Click Here
Herbemont, Albert 1874-1953 French Click Here
Lamourdedieu, Raoul 1857-1973French Click Here
Lavrillier, Andre 1885-1958 French Click Here
Lecroart, Jean 1883-1967 Belgium Click Here
Lenoir, Pierre Charles 1879-1953 French Click Here

Artist Dates Country Link
Mattei, Louis Octave Born c1880 France Click Here
Mascaux, Leon Claude      1882-1965 France Click Here
Metcalfe, Percy 1895-1970 British Click Here
Monier, Emile 1883-1970 France Click Here
Morlon, Alexandre 1878-1951 France Click Here
Mouroux, Anie 1887-1978 France Click Here
Pena, Antonio 1894-1947 Uruguay Click Here
Poisson, Pierre 1876-1953 France Click Here
Pommier, Albert 1880-1943 France Click Here
Prati, Edmundo 1889-1970 Uruquay Click Here
Prudhomme, George 1873-1947 France Click Here
Rasumny, Felix 1869-1940 Russia/Fr Click Here
Rau, Marcel 1886-1966 Belgium Click Here
Renard, Marcel 1893-1974 France Click Here
Ridet, Georges 1906-1967 France Click Here
Rivet, Adolphe b1855 France Click Here
Samuel, Charles  1862-1938 Belgium Click Here
Rudder, de Rudder 1893-1991 Belgium Click Here
Theunis, Pierre 1885-1950 Belgium Click Here
Turin, Pierre 1891-1968 French Click Here
Vernon, Jean 1897-1975 France Click Here
Yencesse, Ovid 1869-1947 France

Sometimes these artists are refered to as medal designers, medal engravers, medallist and in France as médaillier. The medals themselves also have various descriptive terms applied - such as "bronze medal" "bronze plaque" "miniature plaque" or in France as Médaille.

There are very few books or reference work that solely deal with these artists. Often the information is hidden in auction catalogues, art indexes, local history websites and dealers listing on such sites as eBay or Delcampe.

Here are a few suggestion of books that will help with your research. Just click on the title to find a copy.
Benezit Dictionary of Artists

This blog is "free to all" with no joining fees - financed by the few clicks on sponsored adverts.
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