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This is the first in a series of postings deal with; what I refer to as early 20th century "Boudoir Art". This post is designed as a hub to take you the artist of your choice or allow you to pick at random. Currently there are a modest number of artists, but this will be added to on a regular basis. If you are interested in this area of applied art then I hope you will add this to your favourites list.

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La Poupees - Georges Grellet

Artist Dates Country Working Link
Abelin unknown prob French c1930 Click Here
Ablett, William 1877-1936 Anglo/French c1910-1935
Anet unknown prob French c1930 Click Here
Bloch, Marcel born c1884 French c1910-1940's Click Here
Bott unknown Prob French c1930 Click Here
Bruning, Max 1887-1968 German c1910-1930 Click Here
Cely, A Prob French c1925-1935 Click Here
Cote, unknown Prob French 1930’s
Cotty,A unknown French 1920’s Click Here
Darby or Darly unknown Prob French Mid 1920’s Click Here
Daumier, Louis unknown unknown Mid 1930’s Click Here
DeQuery ?? unknown prob French Mid 1920’s Click Here
Dounat ?? unknown prob French Mid 1920’s Click Here
Drian, Etienne 1885-1961 French c1915-1940 Click Here
Ferat, A unknown prob French mid 1920's Click Here
Felix, Paul Emile unknown French 1920-1930's Click Here
Ferro, Albert unknown prob French early to mid 1920's Click Here
Floril unknown prob French early to mid 1920's  Click Here
Fonseca, S unknown prob French mid 1920's Click Here
France, P unknown prob French c1930 Click Here
Gibson, D unknown Prob French 1920’s Click Here
Gilles, Jean unknown Prob French c1920-30’s Click Here
Grandgerard, Lucien Henri 1880-1970 French mid 1930's Click Here
Grellett, Georges 1869-1959 French c1910-1940 Click Here
Guy unknown Prob French c1930 Click Here

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Artist Dates Country Working Link
Hardy, Jean                    poss b1880 French c1920-1935 Click Here
Herouard, C 1881-1961 French Click Here
Kaby, A unknown French c1920-1930 Click Here
Icart, Louis 1888-1950 French 1910-1950 Click Here
Lambert, Andre 1884-1967 French Click Here
W A Lambrecht                 1876-1940 French 1930’s                   Click Here
A Lobel-Riche 1880-1950 Swiss/French 1910-50 Click Here
MAX unknown unknown c1930 Click Here
Meunier, Susan 1888-1974 French c1917-1940 Click Here
Milliere, Maurice 1871-1946 French c1910-1930 Click Here
Moro, Vala unknown Austrian c1925 Click Here
Naillod, Charles 1876-1956 French c1925-1940 Click Here
Naudy, E unknown Prob French c1920-30's Click Here
Ordner, Paul 1900-1969 Prob French c1933-1960 Click Here
Vollon, Alexis 1865-1945 French c1925/6 Click Here

Click Here

Charles Naillod

There are many other names that appear on similar styled prints, some are dry point or aquatints although many more are lithographic images of paintings. Other names to look out for include;J Hemiey J Dorval, Gayec, W Fadat, G Brisgand,  Ferville, M Bloch, Dupont, E Drian, Duprie(or Dupre), Amy, A Stoltz, A Vollon, or Rossi .  Look for pencil signed version as some are prints of print or even framed plates from books and calenders. Some of the lithographic print may have printed signatures.

Jean Hardy

Probably it is best to explain what I mean by the term "boudoir art". The obvious answer is that it is art for the bedroom, but of course it isn't as simple as that. The style of print this post deals with are mainly copper plate etchings (dry point and aquatints) of pretty young ladies, often scantily clad and usually with colour that were created in the 1910 to c1940 period and which are often refered to as "art deco". Some are fashion studies, other have dogs (often Borzois) and some can be quite risqué either in the state of undress or by way of the title; one Icart is call "Playing with Pussy".

Maurice Milliere and Charles Naillod.

The artist most commonly encountered is Louis Icart, who was the most commercially successful of these artist. His prints were extremely popular in their day, selling very well on both sides of the Atlantic and have been endlessly reproduced as "prints" and his images appear on everything from biscuit tins to key rings.

Vala Moro

Interest in these original prints is currently on the up as the moderne look of these art deco works are in tune with both the minimalist modern style and the wishy washy white painted imitation French Provincial look. We always aim to have pictures by these artist in stock, although they do seem to sell as fast as we can find them !! Try to view our currently stock and our list of exhibitions.

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